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We provide expert plumbing services in Fairlight and throughout Sydney. With over 30 years of plumbing experience you can trust that work will be done to the highest possible standards by a professional plumber. At Adept Plumbing Solutions we attend to all general maintenance plumbing matters for both commercial and residential customers.

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Plumbing services in Fairlight include:

Leak Detection

Our leak detection service for homes and commercial properties entails locating and repairing leaking or damaged pipes through our use state of the art tools, methodology and unrivalled experience. We can identify potential trouble spots before they cause an emergency. We find a variety of leaks no matter where they’re hiding.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes need urgent attention to stop wasted water running up your bill or worse, causing structural or electrical damage to your premises. An expert plumber will be able to efficiently fix any burst pipe however we recommend taking the following action as soon as possible:

  1. Switch off water supply to the burst pipe or alternatively to the water supply to the home.
  2. Drain the system by turning on taps.
  3. Turn off hot water system.
  4. If the burst pipe is close to electrical outlets and/or appliances, switch off the mains immediately.
  5. If possible identify where the water is coming from and seal with a gapless tape.
  6. Call us on 0415 746 406 to have the burst pipe fixed permanently.


We install all necessary plumbing equipment and appliances for toilets, bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.


From fixing a leaking tap through to installing new toilets, showers and basins, we can cover all of your Bathroom plumbing needs. We guarantee a great quality of work for all plumbing jobs and offer extremely affordable prices.

Bayonet Installations

Your Plumber from Adept Plumbing Solutions is a qualified gas fitter, capable of home gas installation. As a local Fairlight company we have a great deal of experience servicing the area and are familiar with the unique needs of many Fairlight properties. As there are a variety of bayonet fittings be sure to check with us to ensure you get the right one for the right appliance.


Having your dishwasher professionally installed can greatly reduce the amount of water you use, thus reducing your water bill. We can also repair and perform general maintenance on your existing dishwasher.

Gas Installations

As gas leaks can cause major problems, gas installations are something you should always use a licensed professional for to ensure that your appliance is installed correctly to protect you and your family. Our qualified gas fitters are expertly trained in the arts of safe installation, repairs and replacement for all domestic and commercial gas appliances.


Your friendly plumber at Adept Plumbing Solutions can help with all of your kitchen plumbing needs. Whether you need a basic washer replaced to fix your leaking tap, unblocking a kitchen sink or installing new appliances there’s no job we can’t attend to in the kitchen.

Leaks and Flooding

We understand that having a plumbing issue that causes a leak or flood can be a very stressful time and as such we endeavour to correct the issue as quickly as possible. Our plumbers will ensure the matter is fixed quickly and efficiently and we’ll also take all the necessary precautions to ensure we provide a permanent solution.

Gas Fitting

As qualified gas fitters we can install repair or maintain all of your gas appliances as well as attending to any new fittings you might require. Using a qualified professional ensures both safety and seamless use of your appliances.

Gas Connection Inspection

For first class service that provides peace of mind, have us connect and inspect your gas services. We can issue the appropriate compliance certificates to ensure and easy process.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and it’s essential that the leak is detected as quickly as possible. Using a local gas plumber in Fairlight will ensure that we can quickly detect and fix any leak. If you think you smell gas be sure to call 0415 746 406 immediately.


Our qualified plumbers can handle all overflowing sinks, gutters or drains in Fairlight. Our plumbers can repair any pipe damage that arises form overflow issues.

Toilet Repairs

If your toilet is in need of repairs we can most certainly help. Whether your toilet is running water, not flushing, is blocked or is slow to fill, our plumber will first identify the problem and the quickly and professionally fix it to ensure minimal interruption.

  1. Running water – Water is being wasted, adding to your bill and the toilet is never silent. Typically this is the result of the ballcock, float cup or a defective fill valve seal.
  2. Not flushing – Generally this occurs with modern ‘low flow’ toilets that require to be flushed multiple times, instead of taking less water as is intended. For older toilets the issue is normally caused by a blocked bowl entry which stops water flowing from the cistern bowl correctly.
  3. Blocked – Often this can be corrected with a plunger. If a plunger can’t fix your block then it may need an auger.
  4. Slow to fill – Normally caused by a clogged fill valve. Our plumber will identify then correct the issue.

For all toilet repairs in Fairlight, your expert plumber from Adept Plumbing Solutions is the person to call to first diagnose and then correct the problem.


For all plumbing issues that arise in the laundry from leaking taps, general maintenance through to appliance installation you can rely on us.

Hot Water Systems

Whether you have water flowing excessively from your temperature pressure relief valve, a leaking hot water cylinder or no hot water coming out of the tap, our qualified plumbers can have your hot water back in no time. We’re experienced in dealing with a wide variety of hot water systems and have the experience to fix any problem you might encounter.


For any other plumbing service that isn’t listed please contact us. As the local plumber in Fairlight we’re well versed in all general plumbing maintenance and repairs and will certainly be able to help.

As the local Fairlight plumber, our reputation means the world to us. Every job will be completed with expert workmanship and we guarantee a great quality of work. For all plumbing repairs, maintenance or installations, for either commercial or domestic properties in Fairlight, call us today.

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